Balluche Soundsystem

An outstanding show between 1930s Music and Soundsystem Spirits!

On stage or with self-scenic device

Aboard their extraordinary vessel, with the crew of the Balluche Soundsystem and under the unfettered commands of Sacha de Kracov, get ready to embark on a journey of rhythmic enchantment! Like something straight from the pages of a Jules Verne novel, this modern-day oldschool band drops its outlandish mix where dub, tango, swing, dance floor, electro and rock exist side by side for an irresistible sonic experience. Dance enthusiasts, free party people in smart suits, Saturday night swingers, get ready to set fire to the dance floor, because tonight anything goes!

Technical Specs

  • 5 musicians

  • 2 lighting and sound technicians

  • Up to 1h30 of show

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